a celebration of artisan quality

The FB80 was manufactured for the 2006 World Barista Championship in Bern to mark the company’s 80th anniversary and was named to commemorate the anniversary as well as the founding brothers since “FB” stands for Fratelli (brothers) Bambi. 

expression of excellence

While equipped with GB5 technology, it is fitted with panels that can be produced in any RAL colour or decorated with artwork or logos.


■ 2 Groups

規格: 220V()   3.6~4.6KW

重量: 63Kg

尺寸: 755x627x485mm(W/D/H)

■ 3 Groups

規格: 220V(單相)   4.8~6.1KW

重量: 75Kg

尺寸: 955x627x485mm(W/D/H)