M1 全自動電腦咖啡機

  • 一組咖啡出口
  • 一個熱水口
  • 雙豆槽+磨豆機
  • 一組人工加粉口
  • 八組大型咖啡按鍵
  • 兩個熱水量設定鍵
  • 一個停止STOP鍵



  • 有開機自動清洗功能
  • 操作中定時清洗功能,確保管路清潔衛生
  • 咖啡出口可調整高度(7-15cm)
  • 可適應馬克杯及各種外帶紙杯
  • 中文介面顯示螢幕
  • 清楚顯示機操作狀況及故障原因



Easy to use

M1 is a superautomatic machine designed for locations where espresso coffee is not the core business (up to 150 cups per day) and space is a critical factor. Easy to use, M1 guarantees a superior inthe-cup quality.

High quality of the beverages

M1 delivers a complete coffee menu utilizing coffee beans and fresh milk. The quality of the beverages is guaranteed by LaCimbali’s renowned expertise in espresso extraction and by innovative milk frothing devices such as the TurboSteam and the MilkPS.



規格: 220V/60hz()   3.1~3.6KW

重量: 54Kg

尺寸: 350x620x760mm(W/D/H)

■MilkPS 全自動咖啡機

規格: 220V/50hz(單相)   3.1~3.6KW

重量: 54Kg

尺寸: 350x620x760mm(W/D/H)