• 10.4吋觸控式螢幕
  • 可設訂高達24種模式,並可預先設定
  • 方便的使用者介面
  • 可提供濃縮、卡布奇諾為基底的多種咖啡選擇
  • 可冷熱牛奶



PGS (Perfect Grinding System)
  • 搭載獨家專利的智慧型鍋爐
  • 可以減少磨豆的調整
  • 沖煮咖啡的過程中,全自動的調整磨豆的粗細
  • 使用鈦合金專業的磨豆刀片
  • 全自牛奶循環與清洗循環系統
  • 具備Wi-Fi和USB功能  

The most flexible and customisable interface

The 10.4” touchscreen display offers different ways of viewing the drinks selection, customisable images on the machine display (screen savers, during beverage delivery) and films and sounds to help the customer chose their drink are some of the features offered by the S30. All while being simple and intuitive.


Integrated Bidirectional Wi-Fi system

You can communicate with the S30 remotely thanks to the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi, making it quick and easy to upgrade the software, adjust the recipes and personalise the interface images.



規格: 220V/60hz(單相)


重量: 79Kg

尺寸: 370x620x762mm(W/D/H)