The Modbar espresso system consists of one espresso tap and one espresso module.

Multiple espresso systems are arranged with our steam and pour-over systems to create all new bar designs, enhanced customer experiences and improved ergonomics and workflow patterns for the coffee professional.


Every aspect of Modbar comes alive in the Espresso Module: Elegant design, robust build, and extreme performance. We have taken the advice of baristas, retail managers, and equipment technicians and put them to use. That’s why you see ambidexterity, durability, and ease of maintenance and service above and below counter.


The Espresso System gives the barista tremendous control. With the industry’s most advanced pressure-profiling system, touch-screen control interface, multi-function lever handle, and heads up display with shot-clock and volumetric dosing capabilities… there is a lot to explore with your coffee.

Modbar 義式濃縮咖啡系統

  • 可編程壓力曲線
  • 手動或自動模式
  • 三區 PID 溫控
  • 雙鍋爐+加熱沖泡頭
  • 自動沖洗和清潔程序
  • 全方位控制沖煮參數
  • USB 更新端口
  • 3分鐘熱啟動