Modbar’s Pour-Over Module brings precision-temperature water to the counter – no more pitchers
losing valuable temperature between the back wall and the pour-over solution. Pour directly into your Chemex, Hario or other pour-over system…you define the temperature. Modbar even provides a holder for many Chemex and Hario systems as well as optional spray or stream nozzle tip. Plus, you can teach Modbar software to replicate your pouring technique.


Ready for right- and left-hand operation equally, Modbar’s vertical lever control echoes the espresso module. Its barista-friendly, ergonomic features include a “dual-cool” steam wand to prevent burns and a robust but light-touch lever.


Slight catches in the lever control give the barista the ability to steam more gently when desired…but a touch will shift Modbar’s Steam Module into full power.

Modbar 蒸氣系統

  • 雙層防燙蒸汽棒
  • PID 溫控
  • USB 更新端口
  • 觸屏控制
  • 水位視窗
  • 15分鐘熱啟動